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Transition songs are used when you want to take the energy of the party from one level to another. You may down-transition if you want to take a break and work your way back up or you may up-transition to raise the BPM and ignite the crowd again. This is a nice and easy way to get your BPM down from 130-100 or up from 100-130 without having to mix in a few slower or faster songs to get where you want to be. It takes some time to practice with these in your set but once you have it down it’s a serious tool, have fun!



  1. 112-89 BPM: DJ Nino – D.A.N.C.E On To The Next One Transition (112-89)
  2. 129-90 BPM: Frank Sinatra Vs Jay-Z & Alicia Keys – New York State Of Mind (Phlipz Transition Re-Edit 129-90 BPM) (320 KBPS)
  3. 114-92.5 BPM: I Aint Got No Money (Transition 114-92.5) (320 KBPS)
  4. 128-82 BPM: Lil Jon – Patron In My Cup (Transition 128-82) (320 KBPS)
  5. 128-72 BPM: Ludacris Feat. Shawnna – How Low (Transition 128-72 BPM) (320 KBPS)
  6. 88-73 BPM: My Last (Do It Like Beyonce Transition To Diva) (88-73 Bpm) (register & login to view link)
  7. 130-90 BPM: I Wanna Go In Da Club Transition (130-90) Clean Aca Out (register & login to view link)
  8. 132-75 BPM: I’m On One (Transition 132-75 Bpm) – Clean (register & login to view link)
  9. 100-92 BPM: Cat Daddy To Dougie (100-92bpm) (register & login to view link)
  10. 128-88 BPM: Return Of The Macc (Transition 128-88 Bpm) – Mann Edit (register & login to view link)
  11. 125-85 BPM: Teach Me How To Dougie Tribal Transition 125-85 Bpm) (Clean) (register & login to view link)
  12. 122-101 BPM: Window To The Wall (122-101 Transition Clean) (register & login to view link)
  13. Waving Flag (128-76-128 Transition) – this one’s a classic from the previous Olympics
  14. 6 Foot, 7 Foot (128-84 Transition) – always great from Lil Wayne
  15. PYT Michael Jackson into Kanye West’s Good Life (127-85 Transition)
  16. 50 Cent – Disco Inferno (128-97)
  17. All of the Lights (130-70) – MUST DOWNLOAD
  18. R-Kelly – Ignition (92-66 Transition) – Pretty slow to VERY slow
  19. Rescue Me (TMT 120-105 Transition) – Oldies transition at 1:45 into it
  20. Rock This Party (TMT Everybody Dance Now 128-115 Transition) – The transitions at 1:10, I like this one a lot, DOWNLOAD!
  21. Poison (113-98 Transition) (register & login to view link) – This one is a classic, must download!
  22. Rumpshaker Paper Planes (100-86 Transition) – MUST DOWNLOAD
  23. Willow Smith – Whip My Hair (130-82 Transition)
  24. Tinie Tempah Feat. Eric Turner – Written in the Stars (128-91 Transition) – MUST DOWNLOAD
  25. Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow (140-82 Transition) – For those of you who find yourselves in the very rare 140 BPM range
  26. I’m The Shit into Patron In My Cup into Snap Ya Fingers (128-82 Transition) – A few mashes in here, great for Hip-Hop!
  27. DJ Delirious – Window To The Wall (122-101 Transition, Clean) – AMAZING, MUST DOWNLOAD
  28. DJ Deville – I’m On One (123-75 Transition) – Great fast intro into a very smooth 75 BPM
  29. DJ Lips – Swagga Jockin into Wonderwall Planes (113-92 Transition) – One of the best introduction transitions ever, MUST DOWNLOAD
  30. Frank Sinatra VS Jay-Z & Alicia Keys – New York State of Mind (129-90 Transition) – If you don’t have this one, get on it. Possibly the best transition in history, MUST DOWNLOAD
  31. Cheers (130-80 transition) – Good pop/hip-hop transition
  32. Benny Benassi Feat. Gary Go – Cinema (Isaac Jordan, Elvis Suarez, Ez Money Transition 130-75) – MUST DOWNLOAD
  33. I Ain’t Got No Money into Gold Digger – (Discotech Transition 114-92.5) – GREAT Transition!!
  34. Beamer, Benz, Bentley (130-80 Transition)
  35. Give It To Me (128-90 Transition) – One of our favorite transitions, MUST DOWNLOAD
  36.  Jake Reno – Cat Daddy to Dougie (100-92 Transition) (register & login to view link) – GREAT for getting the dancefloor grinding with the younger generation
  37. Jay-Z – Jigga My Nigga (Alex Rage Vs Supa Skip, Dirty, 130-86 Transition) – BANGER INTRO!!! MUST DOWNLOAD!
  38. House of Pain – Jump Around (127-106 Transition) – Pretty standard
  39. Justice VS Jay-Z – On To The Next One (DJ Turk 126-89 Transition) – MUST HAVE, MUST DOWNLOAD!
  40. Kanye West – Niggas in Paris (DJ DStar & DJ Heat Transition 128-70 BPM) – Ball so hard
  41. Windy City Syndicate – Dutty Love (Trans Up 2 Jump Smokers) (92-120) No Nicki
  42. Yeah ( Fallin In Love Transition) (106-120bpm)
  43. Yeah_3x_(105-130bpm)_(Simo_Transition) (register & login to view link)
  44. Lady Gaga VS Kid Cudi – I Poke Her Face (119-99 Transition) – This is a FLAWLESS transition, GREAT!
  45. Let Me Clear My Throat (128-102 Transition) – BANGER into into a classic tune, this will SET THE CLUB OFF, MUST DOWNLOAD!
  46. Ludacris Feat. Shawnna – How Low (128-72 Transition) (register & login to view link) – Booty booty booty music
  47. Luniz – I Got 5 on It (DJ Shake 125-87 Transition) – Ooh this one’s pretty badass
  48. Wake Up (DJ Sonnik Transition) (100-129bpm)
  49. We Found Love (Petedown Transition) (75-128bpm)
  50. We No Speak Americano – DJ Dexterous 100-125 Transition
  51. Man Down (130-78 Transition, Dirty) – Great transition to slow things down
  52. Move, Shake, Drop (TMT 129-115 Transition) – Fast forward to 3 minutes and 10 seconds for the transition, this ones GREAT!
  53. My ladies (DJ B Draper 125-97 Transition) – Pretty good
  54. Pitbull – Calle Ocho Into Bojangles (12-105 Transition) – HOT, definitely download this one!
  55. Play N Skillz Feat. Jay-Z – Checkin My Fresh (Swagger Transition, 95-89) – Not a big transitional change but pretty good
  56. Sublime – Wrong Way (Transition 115-152bpm – Cold Out)
  57. Sublime – Wrong Way (Transition115-152bpm – Drums Out)
  58. The Goodfellas Gin And Juice Transition (80-95) (register & login to view link)
  59. The Motto – Chris James 100-128 Baby Got Back Transition (Dirty) – POPULAR!
  60. The Time ( Transition) (110-130bpm) (register & login to view link) – POPULAR!
  61. Shake Ya Ass Into “Dance” (98-80 Transition) – Definitely worth a listen
  62. Talk That Talk (Petedown vs Sick Individuals 128-84 Transition, Dirty) – Listen at 45 Seconds in, definitely download!
  63. Tambourine (124-102 Transition) – A little old but still great
  64. Teach Me How To Dougie (Tribal Transition 125-85) – I use this at A LOT of parties, DOWNLOAD!
  65. T-Pain Feat. Lil Wayne – Can’t Believe It (Sammy Bananas Transition) – Pretty chill, don’t have the BPM’s for this one though
  66. Renato Carosone Vs. Yolanda Be Cool Dcup – Tu Vuo Fa L americano Transition (100-125) – AWESOME TRANSITION!
  67. Sexy And I Know It (DJ Sonnik Transition) (100-130bpm) (Party Starter) –  MUST DOWNLOAD!
  68. Shut It Down Transition (Hands Solo Transition) (99-128bpm)
  69. Simon Says (Badman Transition) (94-128) - SIMON SAYS GET THE BPMS UP!!!
  70. Single Ladies Run The World (Max Methods Transition) (97-127bpm) (Dirty)
  71. Travis Porter – All The Way Turnt Up (Rock It Scientists Transition 132-66) – MUST DOWNLOAD
  72. Trick Daddy Feat. Lil Jon – Lets Go (90-67 Transition)  (register & login to view link)MUST DOWNLOAD
  73. Walk This Way (128-106 Transition) – FUCKING BANGER, MUST DOWNLOAD!!!
  74. Rihanna – We Found Love (Dubstep Transition 128-70)  (register & login to view link)HOLY SHIT THIS IS HARD!
  75. Rihanna – What’s My Name (130-100 Transition) – HOT!!
  76. Rihanna – What’s My Name (Hands Solo 122-100 Transition) – Very similar to the last transition from the last post…
  77. Willow Smith – Whip My Hair (130-82 Transition) – We’ve also had a similar post to this before, but still another one to mix things up…


  1. 93-114 BPM: Britney Spears Vs. Fat Man Scoop – It’s Britney Bitches (Transition 93-114)
  2. 100-123 BPM: Rihanna – Please Don’t Stop The Music (Transition 100-123) (320 KBPS) – MUST DOWNLOAD!
  3. 75-95 BPM: Anthem Kingz – Welcome To Murder She Wrote (Reggae Transition Tool 75-95) (
  4. DJ Nino – D.A.N.C.E On To The Next One Transition (112-89) – MUST DOWNLOAD!
  5. 90-100 BPM: Dougie To Cat Daddy (90-100bpm) (register & login to view link)
  6. 103-126 BPM: Its Last Friday Night (103-126 Transition) (register & login to view link)
  7. 84-122 BPM: Lil Wayne Don’t Wanna Go Home (Transition 84-122 Bpm) – Clean (register & login to view link)
  8. 88-99 BPM: My Last (Do It Like Beyonce Transition To Crazy In Love) (88-99 Bpm) (register & login to view link)
  9. 88-127 BPM: My Last (Do It Like Beyonce Transition To Run The World Girls) (88-127 Bpm) (register & login to view link)
  10. 100-128 BPM: Pause Transition 100-128bpm (register & login to view link)
  11. 94-128 BPM: Tch Simon Says Badman Trans 94 128 (register & login to view link)
  12. 50 Cent – Disco Inferno (DJ Mcfly 97-128 Up Transition) (register & login to view link)
  13. Back Seat (100-125 Up Transition) (register & login to view link)
  14. G6 Rocketeer (95-126 Up Transition) – Worth the download
  15. Lil Jon – Hey! (102-132 Transition) – MUST DOWNLOAD, THIS WILL GET THE PARTY STARTED!
  16. Calvin Harris – Bounce (105-130 Up Transition) – Great smooth transition all the way up, will get the party started!
  17. Chris Brown Feat. Rihanna – Turn Up The Music (72-130 Up Transition) – PARTY STARTER!!
  18. David Guetta – Club Can’t Handle Me (105-130 Up Transition) – MUST DOWNLOAD!
  19. Da Shop Boyz VS Rage Against The Machine – Party Like Your Enemies (79-107 Up Transition) - ROCKER ALERT!!!
  20. Rihanna – Please Don’t Stop The Music (100-123 Up Transition) – I use this at almost every party, must download!
  21. Lil Wayne – 6 Foot 7 Foot into Don’t Wanna Go Home (84-122 Transition) – MUST DOWNLOAD, PARTY STARTER!
  22. Avicii – Good Feeling – DJ Dexterous 100-128 Transition - MUST DOWNLOAD!
  23. DJ Rev Kev – We Found Love (Lil Jon Super Hype Trans 100 – 128bpm)
  24. DJ Scooter – We Found Love Transition Up (100-128)
  25. DJ Starski – Pause Transition 100-128bpm
  26. Flo Rida Feat. Sia – Wild Ones (Clean) (Simo 73 – 127 Transition) – MUST DOWNLOAD!
  27. Madonna – Give Me All Your Luvin ( Transition) (130-145bpm –  MUST DOWNLOAD!
  28. Jake Reno – Dougie To Cat Daddy (90-100bpm)
  29. Jay-Z – I Just Wanna Love U Diggz Kid Kaio Personal Bootleg Transition (98 128) – I love this one!
  30. John Farruggio – Its Britney Bitches (Transition 93-114) – For all the ladies on the dancefloor
  31. Kid Cudi – Day N Night (Neilbeats Transition Into Electro (70-130bpm) – Classic track
  32.  Kid Cudi Ft Jim Jones Crookers – Day N Night Remix-Dirty
  33. Lady Gaga-Beyonce-DJ Deville – Telephone (Deville Transition 85-122 Bpm)
  34. Avicii – Levels ( Good Feeling Edit) (4 Bar Transition 105-129bpm) –  MUST DOWNLOAD!
  35. Like A G6 ( Transition) (90-125bpm)
  36. Man Down (Discotech Dirty Up Transition 78-130)
  37. Mash_Up_Mafia_-_Lil_Jon_Drops_It_Low (register & login to view link) – Really HOT!
  38. Moves Like Jagger (Transition 103 – 128) -  MUST DOWNLOAD!
  39. One ( Transition Clap Intro) (100-125bpm) (Short Build) – SOME HOUSE FOR YA!
  40. Pitbull – Bojangles – Calle Ocho (105-127 Bpm Transition) – AWESOME!!!
  41. Rain Over Me (Petedown 95-127bpm Transition) (No Hype) – POPULAR!
  42. The Wiggle Transition (Sexy I Know It Up) (101-130) Dirty – HOT!!
  43. Where Dem Girls At ((Serafin Transition 85-130bpm) – BANGER ALERT!


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