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As we previously reported, Jesse Marco and Kirill of have kicked off their College Dropouts Tour. The two teamed up and mapped out 11 colleges where they’ll throw the party, for free. Avoiding simply going to the largest colleges in the US, the duo set out in search of the best parties. The ones they selected are sure to make history at each college.

FromDJs4DJs will be checking in with our two favorite dropouts as they make their way through the tour. We’ll also be joining them at select schools for an exclusive look, behind the scenes, bringing you closer to the debauchery, the groupies, and of course, the beats.

I had the opportunity to ask Jesse about the first show at Kansas State University. Jesse tells us, “Kansas State was like St. Patty’s Day mixed with the TV show Survivor and enough booze to drown a small village. Amazing!” Setting a tone for what he expects for the rest of the tour, he added, “And I don’t expect anything less [for] the rest of the tour!”

The tour rolls on tonight at Rollins College for their White Party. Check out our recent interview with Jesse Marco here and keep it locked here for more news from the tour!


Jesse Marco and Kirill Was College Dropouts Tour

3/10 – Fake Patty’s Day – Kansas State University

3/21 – The White Party – Rollins College

3/29 – The Takeover – Michigan State University

4/5 – Blackout Or Get Out – University of Rhode Island

4/17 – Little 5 – Indiana University

4/19 – New Orleans Bounce Party – Wesleyan University

4/21 – Zoo-A-Palooza – University of Massachusetts

4/27 – Tarp Day – Rutgers University

4/28 – The Jungle Party – The University of Arizona

5/11 – The KK – University of Wisconsin

5/24 – Make It Nasty Show – University of Washington


-Scott Roth