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Icarus (Original Radio Edit) – Madeon (register & login to view link)

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Easily one of the most anticipated tracks of 2012, and probably late 2011 too, has finally been released. It’s taken me a while to get my hands on it, due to Beatport and iTunes being so temperamental, but here it is – Icarus by Madeon!

So, where to start? Well, this 17 year old (Yes, you read that correctly. Now go and re-evaluate your life) musical prodigy from France caught the attention of dance music head honchos such as Deadmau5 and Steve Angello, amongst many others, with his viral Pop Culture (register & login to view link) video on YouTube, and subsequent remix of Raise Your Weapon (register & login to view link), both of which showcased his immense producing, mashing and remixing capabilities. As if the buzz wasn’t large enough, he went and released another video, this time live from the Social Club (register & login to view link), in Paris, featuring a world exclusive preview of Icarus. A bidding war ensued, and now, instead of releasing an EP on a major label, he has decided to release a series of individual singles on what I would imagine to be his own label, Popcultr. This guy has been getting serious air time on BBC Radio 1, which is obviously no small feat. Clearly someone believes in him, and has given him some pretty major backing.

And here’s why: Icarus is a perfectly sonically crafted, intricate, delicious masterpiece. From the slap bass drop to the 80’s synths that form the backbone to the track, Madeon has created his own, unique sound. It’s not the kind of progressive house that we hear all the time these days, it is a funky, nu-disco style house that rocks the f*cking building with its astronomical energy and unrelenting momentum. The breaks are dreamy and melodic, using soft shimmers to add a nuance that separates the two main sections. Using small claps to slowly build back momentum, Hugo Leclercq AKA Madeon introduces rolling snares to come crashing back in with a delightful combination of driving synths, chopped vocal snippets and samples and bass lines to create the perfect electropop track. Call it what you want, this is sheer class, and not something you see very often. I’m absolutely loving this track right now, as I feel it spans genres and musical tastes, and would be sure to set fire to dancefloors world-wide. This really is a special track, and I don’t say that often.

If you listen to one track this week/month/year, make sure it’s this one.


  • reader

    whhy is this song review a page long?

    • Ed

      In my opinion, as a self-professed house expert, some songs deserve more coverage and detailed opinion than others ;-)

  • Tommy V

    Sick review bro! Really did the song justice!