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Creamfields 2011 Review

Well, I’ve been hearing all about Electric Zoo over the past week, and it sounded insane! However, I’m just going to do a quick review/report on arguably Europe’s biggest dance music festival – Creamfields.

Leaving home at around 5am on Friday morning, I suffered through the rain, the mud, the wet tent and sleeping bag, all for you guys, to bring you quality journalism. And of course the music. Well, what can be said about the music? Firstly, the line up speaks for itself ( (register & login to view link)). From the openers to the closers, there was something in there for everyone.

So, I’ll start with the headliners, and with headline acts including SHM, TiëstoThe Chemical Brothers and David Guetta, our nights from around 8pm were set!


I must say, my speciality isn’t Trance, and I know very little about it. However, I have seen videos of Tiësto performing 5-hour long sets, and they just looked next-level. So, I was really looking forward to seeing him headline on the Saturday night. I saw a bit of Tiësto, and really wasn’t impressed. I will probably encounter a lot of abuse for this, because he honestly has one of the strongest fan bases in the EDM scene, however I felt his set was lazy, skipping from one massive crowd pleaser to the next, with no sense of nuance or subtlety. Now, it may sound like I’m being a bit of a music snob, however I appreciate a set with peaks and troughs, slowly built up to a massive climax. For me, it’s too easy to play hits like Set Fire To The Rain (Thomas Gold Remix) straight after dropping Adagio For Strings, and indicates that the DJ knows the crowd are more interested in the name than the music. 

The Chemical Brothers

Fortunately, I left Tiësto after 30 minutes and caught the last hour of these legends. WOW! I have never, ever seen such an intricate lighting show! And the sound was insane, cristal clear from about 1 mile away! I was so glad I caught these guys, as I believe they really blew Tiësto out of the water, with huge buildups dropping into classics such as Galvanize, and Hey Boy, Hey Girl. If you ever get the chance, do not miss them!!! 

Swedish House Mafia

Well, what can I say about this trio? I get excited thinking about their set! I had to miss David Guetta, and I laid all my chips on SHM coming through for me, because by the time they came on, there must have been 25,000 people cramped in a tiny tent, so there was no chance of leaving! All I can say is: wow. This was literally one of the best sets I’ve ever seen. High energy, sing along, crazy jumping, classics, future hits, emotions – it really had it all. I cannot recommend seeing these guys highly enough. Simply awe inspiring, there is no other way to describe what was experienced that night.

Now, of course, some of the best bits came outside of the headline acts, and I’ll briefly run through them now. Dirty South, who had the Midnight to 2am slot absolutely killed it, I’m a massive fan and definitely did not want to miss him. I’ve heard he played a similar set a week later at Electric Zoo, so perhaps you got to witness the quality I did. Tunes like Coming Home and Invisible set the crowd off! Alesso killed it, tearing the roof off with his Party Rock Anthem remix and the straight banger – Nillionaire, not to mention Pressure. Arguably one of the highlights of the weekend was Skrillex, and I’ll make a bold statement now. Given what I saw during his 1 hour 3o minute set, he has the potential to go on to become one of the biggest producers in electronic music. He has completely thrown off the chains of the Dubstep genre, banging out electro madness!!! I was so so impressed! He really has developed his sound, and I heard alot of tracks with the quality of that preview I posted a while back. Jeremy Olander had the opening set in the Pryda Friends tent and killed it, at 2pm in the afternoon!!! Stay tuned for his upcoming releases that I’ll be posting, the dude is seriously talented! Annie Mac blew the roof off of her eponymous tent with her headline slot, and was followed by the LEGEND that is James Zabiela. If you don’t know who he is, youtube him. He is arguably one of the most talented turntabilists ever. Other highlights included Chris Lake, Congorock, and Above and Beyond. 

It was a weekend of fun, music, love, more music, euphoric moments and bad weather, shared with 49,999 other EDM lovers, which gave it a shared joy, because we were all there for the same reason. It really reminded me why I love dance music. I am having withdrawals, and will definitely be booking a ticket for next year, to make the sacrifice in the name of FromDJs4DJs all over again ;-) If you live in the UK, make sure I see you there!

Top 5 songs of Creamfields 2011

1. Levels – Avicii

2. Nillionaire – Alesso

3. Invisible – Dirty South feat. Skylar Grey.

4. Around The World – Arty

5. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall – Coldplay (Swedish House Mafia)

Top 5 moments of Creamfields

1. 30,000 people chanting along in unison to Levels by Avicii at Tiësto.

2. SHM dropping Fix Your Pressure, and a magical moment with lighters in the air as everyone sang along to the anthemic and euphoric song… Simply spine-tingling. 

3. Me and my friend, sprinting through the mud like morons, with people visibly concerned, from the Afrojack stage, to the Cream tent, where Above and Beyond were just dropping Sun & Moon, just as the sun beautifully set after a day of rain. Not to sound cliched, but it was one of those moments you couldn’t make up. Only for the love of dance music, as my friend commented afterwards.

4. Skrillex dropping Let Me Clear My Throat by DJ Kool, amidst a bass heavy Dubstep/Electro set, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

5. A giant mud wrestling ring emerging during Skrillex!

Love you guys, and I hope you all haven’t been bored to death by my essay, but if you’ve experienced that feeling of unity that sets EDM apart as a genre, you’ll know why I’m such a nerd about it and could go on forever!


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  • Milk84

    Makes me sick. Americans think he’s a good DJ just cuz he mixes ghetto crap with trance. Tiesto isn’t big in America because he doesn’t so this and is 1000x better than Guetta

  • Aine

    Great blog post! On my way to creamfields on friday!

  • Kevin

    Can anyone please help? I’m trying to find out what dance tune the song Sweat by David Guetta & Snoop Dogg samples? It’s one I used to listen to in my younger days and would love to find the original to download.