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Virtual DJ iRemote for iPhone & iPad

For those who use Virtual DJ – this post will BLOW you away. Atomix (the makers of VDJ) have just released 1 week ago, an Apple application called “Virtual DJ Remote” where you can literally control your Virtual DJ from your iPhone or iPad!

I just tried it and it worked so well I had to make a post about it. Basically the idea is you can walk around the club or party you are spinning at and mix songs (yes it’s not as hard as it seems), make loops, play samples (sirens, etc…), play effects, cue, and sync up 2 tracks!

First off, here are some links to show you how it works and some screenshots:

There is no great documentation out there so it may be a little confusing for some computer noobies, which is why I will outline each step for you guys!

  1. Download and install the latest iTunes for your Mac or PC (register & login to view link) or open up iTunes and click Help/Check for Updates
  2. If you are using a Windows PC – Download Bonjour Network Services by Apple (register & login to view link)
  3. If you have already PAID for Virtual DJ – download the latest update to Virtual DJ 7.0.2 (this is VERY important, the iRemote will NOT work with ANY other version other then 7.0.2, so if you have Virtual DJ 6.0, it will not work
  4. If you have NOT paid for VDJ, you can download the newest free version of 7.0.2 which will work perfectly – Download here (register & login to view link)
  5. Now you need to download and install Virtual DJ iRemote on your iPhone or iPad (pretty sure this will work on iPod touch as well) – Download here from your iPhones or iPad (register & login to view link) for $9.99 (well worth it!)
  6. Now you need to connect your iPhone/iPad to your Laptop. The easiest way is to connect your laptop AND iPhone/iPad to the same wireless network you use at your home. If this is what you want, proceed to step 8, if you want to use this at a gig without an internet connection, proceed to step 7.
  7. If you want to use this outside of the house without a wireless network follow this step. For Windows users, click here (register & login to view link) and complete only Step 1. For mac users, click here (register & login to view link) and complete the first 40 seconds of the video. Once you created your own network, you need to connect to it on your iPhone/iPad.
  8. Now that BOTH your laptop (with VDJ 7.0.2 running) and your iPhone/iPad are connected to your wireless network, open up the new Virtual DJ and click “Config” (on the top right for PCs). Click on the new tab on top that says “iPhone/iPad”, and put a checkmark on the “Enabled” box. Leave this window open for the next step.
  9. Start Virtual DJ Remote on your iPad/iPhone and it will search for your computer. Go back to your laptop and you SHOULD see your device. Click on it and click “Connect”.
  10. Load up 2 tracks on each deck and GO CRAZY! The samples you can use are the first 4 on your laptop, the effect is the one you have selected on your laptop, and you can switch tracks based on the playlist you are currently in on your laptop.

This should not take you more then 5-10 minutes to set up the first time, and then 10 seconds each time after that. I am really amazed at how quick and responsive my iPhone was to control my laptop. This is DEFINITELY for those who want to show off at your next party and take your DJing to the next level of fun and entertainment (Club DJs, you can bring this iPad and run samples and effects off it all night). Once you have figured it out, you can download this additional skin (register & login to view link) to go along with it. Let me know if this was easy to follow and post any comments below. Enjoy!

-DJ David Bitton

  • Gilbert

    Im still having trouble doin the ad hoc thing on my lap top the example link doesnt show it for windows xp…sorry i’m not all that computer savvy when it comes to that any other help would be great though!

  • Jeru

    Can you cue through the iPhone headset or are you stuck with auto mix?

  • http://no joynal

    hello i need iphone , ipad dj software. can tell me how can i find this software.

  • http://no joynal

    my email if u found send me my email address

  • http://no joynal

    i need iphone ,ipad dj software if found share me my email

  • Abu Dwight Conteh

    i’ve tried this adhoc method so many times but still haveing problems connecting both devices. I’ve got my iremote for the past three months and so egaer to get it working but still no luck. I’m using windo7 on my system. Belive you me I infact had to print the instruction out so that I don’t miss any after trying so many times but still can’t get it going. Is there another way?

  • koolk

    hi , i have done and downloaded everything as above and it is still not working , is there something iam not doing like maybe windows is not allowing the ipod to connect or something ,,, this is so complicated ,,, i should just buy a mac as this is all clearly mac based

  • sebbi

    hey guys, i’ve done everything correctly except that when i click on the ipod/ipad tab in the settings of vdj, there’s no enable thing to do, there’s no box to tick and it’s really annoying,it only says “rescan” but it doesn’t work, either entering the ip manually, I have vdj 7.0.5 and have connectd the ipad with the macbook on the same network, dont understand

  • nelson

    i just brought the app and found out that you can only use it with 7.02 version is it any way to use it with 7.04 or higher

  • Balvinder Bhandari

    I have posted on the VirtualDJ forums and have yet to get a resolution to making the Adhoc network to work.

    Using Win 7, VDJ 7.05 and unable to connect the Ipad. Even tried entering IP addresses.

    The adhoc network does work as it has been tested with another PC. It will not work with the IPad.

    Additionally, no answers seem to be provided here.

    Has anyone actually got a adhoc network workinf with a PC and a IPad?????????

  • chikomo

    I have finally managed to get iremote for virtual dj on windows 7 going. i created an adhoc pc to pc wifi which is non secure coz i am still failing with a secure one. then i run virtual dj version 7.05, go to config then iphone/ipod. Start iremote on my iphone4 and it straight away connected. note, make sure your iphone/ipad battery is above 20% for wifi to work.

  • waiming

    iremote needs improvements the search engine and browser is very poor !

  • Patty Guest

    On atomix virtual dj 5.2 when i first installed the program it gave me the option to upload music from my itunes library but since then ive downloaded new songs i want to mix and i dont know how to upload them to the program.. help please
    I need help please

  • Marcie Thach

    I use as primary sound card a Creative Audigy. This is for speakers output. How do I activate the on board Realtek HD soundcard, to use it for monitoring the 2nd CD player in the headphones, when using Virtual DJ? I have tried, all other options described in user guide. If I succeed in activating the on board Realtek soundcard, will I experience some “sound conflicts” when using a normal media player, or watching a movie?

  • Malinda Shurtliff

    Hi guys. I just downloaded virtual dj. I want to import songs from my windows media player into my virtual dj, so I can drag them to play and mess around with them.

    How do I do that?

    Thank you in advance :)

    • FromDJs4DJs A-Team

      Make a playlist in iTunes and drag the songs in there – you can view all iTunes playlists from VDJ.

  • friendly 4

    I have recently purchased virtual DJ, I’m very interested in becoming a dj. I’m just wondering if using this software is a good way to start out, before I buy turntables or anything.

    • Lance

      its a great way to start out- you might decide that turntables are obsolete

  • happyha31

    I just downloaded a crack version of Virtual DJ 7 un Utorrent, and when I open it up it pops up a message that says: “Protection Error 8″, and the software closes within 2 minutes. What should I do? Thanks.

    • DJ David Bitton

      You should buy the LEGAL version from!!!

  • Travoiz

    My School ask me to be the DJ for dances my question is how can I get it to work on my external hard drive? and also I was wondering do i need the normal virtual DJ or virtual DJ portable?

    • Lance

      just plug your hard drive into your computer and VDJ will recognise it

  • Jonny

    I wanna learn how to mix music. But I don’t know any good virtual DJ mixers that I can download online and is free as well. Can anyone help me out?


  • Scott W

    I’ve been broadcasting with SAM Broadcaster for years. I’m now trying to learn how to use Automix Virtual DJ 5.2 Pro. Everything is going okay but I just can’t figure out how to talk on my computer microphone. Does anyone know or have any ideas? I dj on the internet.

  • D3ZZY

    I have a MIDI controller that I like to use for some basic, at-home mixing. I don’t like the software that it came with, but Virtual DJ Free will only allow me to use the controller for ten minutes. Is there any way to fix this so that I can use it at all times?

  • Jermaine J

    i have a macbook pro now and i was using pc. i want the program virtual dj but they dont have it for mac. what is a similar program that i can use?


    I understand that to listen to alternative cues i need a sound card of some sort. are there any affordable ones out there that do the job for virtual dj?


  • Praveen

    Can I use any Timecoded vinyl with Virtual DJ (i think version 5.0) on my computer.
    And which is the best timecoded vinyl to use?

  • Myles

    I’m learning to be a DJ and I need virtual DJ for my equipment. I already downloaded the free demo and I ran out of time, is there any store where I can buy it (sears, radioshack, etc.) or any website where I can download it for free. Just tell me any way I can buy it or download for free.

  • mal_functiongeo

    I have a list of bunch of effects on virtual dj 5. I want to remove some of them from the list. How do I do that ?


    • kro pek

      Yeah same problem here. I want to remove some of them but I don’t know how to.

      soundcloud downloads

  • RA Productions

    What is the operating range of iRemote, and what determines that range?