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A lot of people have been asking me how I made my DJ Drop, listen here:

“DJ David Bitton, bitch” (register & login to view link)

Personally, I happen to have a very good friend (DJ Beats) who has his own home-studio and recorded and edited the entire thing for me in less then a few minutes.

Assuming not everyone has their friendly neighborhood producer – I did some research online for all our subscribers! There are 3 different ways you can go about this – Doing it yourself and get decent results, trying to get one done online for free, or paying a professional to make this for you. Contrary to what you may think – you can actually get a really professional DJ Drop in less then a day for less then $10!

Option #1 – Make your own

No one said it was going to be easy or sound good, but you basically need a pretty good microphone connected to your computer (or you can connect a mic to your dj mixer and record to the computer using Serato or Audacity) and record the drop. Then you will have to play with it in an audio-editing program (Audacity, Adobe Audition, Acid, Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton) until you adjust the pitch, volume, tone, and make it sound good. If you want to get that stutter effect (D-D-D-D-DJ ChaCha), all you have to do is copy and paste the “D” multiple times and mess with the speed and pitch. You can read this article (register & login to view link) which goes into a little bit more detail.

Option #2 – Get one done for FREE
Now this option always sounds appealing because it’s free but not always the best or quickest. There are a few websites out there that offer free voice-over services as long as you give them credit or even a small $5 tip. I tried one out and got pretty decent results, but it did take A LONG time (3 weeks) to get made. I used (register & login to view link) and a women named Kimberly ended up making the drop for me. I asked for “You’re in the mix with DJ David Bitton” and here’s what came back: DJ Drop (register & login to view link)

I’m not sure if I will use this, but it’s better then nothing I guess. My suggestion is, if you’re going to use this website, find a good voice-over man or women you like and private message them offering some money ($5-10).

Option #3 – Buy a DJ Drop from a Professional voice-over & studio (recommended)

In all honesty, with the hassle it takes to try making your own, or searching for someone to do it for free or $5, I would just find a good and professional voice-over studio online and get them to make one for you. I was searching around and found a really cool guy named DJ Wigman in the Serato forums. He has a website (register & login to view link)where he sells 3 types of professional DJ drops with great service and usually 1-day turnaround time! In less then 3 hours, this is what he produced for me in all 3 styles (Dry, Veo, & Full Effect):

Dry-Style (No Effects, Just Vocals) (register & login to view link)

Veo-Style (Effects on Vocals) (register & login to view link)

Full Effect-Style (Full sound effects with vocals) (register & login to view link)

I was really happy with the quick turn-around time, and super-fast email responses, and the drops were really dope and are definitely going to be replacing my other one from now on. All-in-all, this would be my number 1 recommended method for getting your own DJ Drop, for less then $10!

So, there you have it – 3 different ways of going about this. If you have any other ideas, comments, websites, please write about them in the comments section and also throw up a link to your personal DJ Drop!

  • DJKenny

    Great post, much appreciated – I’m definitely going to be checking out Wigman, love that new drop.


    hey can u make me a drop saying dj bebe the next generation??

    • DJ David Bitton

      DJ Bebe,

      You can visit and request a drop there, you can have it made in less then 1 day! Let me know how it comes out.

  • djolympus

    Just ordered my drop!!! Can’t wait to hear how it turned out. Thank you so much for the informative article I had no idea how everyone made these, so easy!


  • DJ Ace

    Yeah, Wigman is the voice of all my mixtapes. I’ve tried others but they are slow or are way expensive.

    Wigman is the man!

  • djrothpepper

    they have free dj drops on line and about every three weeks they have more free dj drops where you can add youre name they are cool i like them where i will get them to make me one and its only $9.00 a drop which for the dj on a tight budget can afford.

  • justin

    dj smiley

  • mayur


  • Dj Kuzmanov

    Hello,I cant make one so anyone can help me or make one fo’ me ? email: Dj drop: D-D-D-D-D Macika in the mix



  • Dom L

    i got my dj drop from the wigman, as this was too much work for me

  • Mehdi Manson

    hey can u create a drop for me dj noizerules

  • krow147

    great tutorial thanks for the info nerd!

  • Derek

    very informational, thnak you so much im going to make one right now!

  • Scott W

    I went with the Wigman, he;s the man!!!

  • Jeff

    thanks for the article, very informativwe!

  • djdubc

    ahhh man this is crack!!!!!!

  • nick s

    the wigman s the best

  • DJ Ralphy

    I made one! thanks!

  • Kevin

    I just started as a dj and this helped a lot, thank u

  • Alun J

    thx for the help

  • Keaton

    I am looking for the best DJ mixer to create house music (so I can put in beats and effects). I’d like something affordable!! but decent!!. I’d like to create house music where I can put in drops, beats and house music effects :P to songs easily, maybe even a dubstep effect?!, Any ideas? :) thanks in advance.

  • louisewoods1984

    i went with dj wigman, highly recommended!

  • Peter

    awesome, thanks

  • Mc L

    im looking for this software to create music
    i used it at my school but i forgot what its called it was something like easy DJ mixer but i can’t find it
    it has a purple interface if i remembered and drag and drop options
    something easy to start off
    if anyone knows what it is called please help me out

  • Thomas A

    ok I am 24 but when I was 17, 18 there were software called dance DJ and other things were you can drag and drop music samples and create your own music, is there anything out there similar I would also like to take normal music and take the voice out of them if that is possible and enter them in to my mixis if this software was out in 1999 it must be much better software out there some where?

  • fiddz prince

    i am searching for d software tht creates music & a name drop coz wenevr i make a good mixes, my frndz & fellow dj’s, says tht u have downloaded it frm sumwer else, em sick of it,,, wud u plzzzzzzzzzz provide me any links so tht i may get a perfect thing.

  • Lleyten Cury

    i am now a DJ in the making. wish me luck girls.

    buy targeted facebook fan

  • Mitchell

    The Wigman as he calls himself and I found out recently simply has a standard template so to speak and he drops the stations ID and city, etc. into the drops. Its sort of a fill in the blanks and rubber stamps these so theres nothing “custom” about them except if you want to pay $$ in which case their not $5 anymore, their more like $65 as in my case.

  • shree

    Dj Shree