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DJ Chuckie Live Set

DJ Chuckies Live Set’s -

DJ Chuckie – Ultra Music Festival Korea 2012 Set (register & login to view link)

DJ Chuckie – Tomorrowland 2012 Set (register & login to view link)

Founder of the genre “Dirty Dutch“, DJ Chuckie has been a lead DJ in the current EDM “surge“. One of the best DJs (along with Laidback Luke) in my opinion. Known for his unusual minimal sound, Chuckie has been touring and touring. His main market is Ibiza, home of Space Ibiza, one of the worlds best Super Clubs.

TIP : Listening to Live Sets from great DJs like Chuckie is an AMAZING way to improve your sets.

- DJ Rowland Evans @djrowlandevans

DJ Chuckie’s Soundcloud :

Chuckie grew up in Suriname and was influenced by the large number of musical genres of the country. When one of his friends started working as a DJ, his interest for DJing started at the age of thirteen when he started experimenting with remixing at home. Gradually, he built his own record collection. At first, he played at parties of his friends and family.

In 2003, he started working as a DJ in club Voltage in The Hague. Nowadays, he performs all the time in the Netherlands and abroad. Chuckie did remixes for other bands, including David Guetta, K-Liber, The Partysquad, and Gio.

In 2008, he performed as the opening act at the dance event Sensation. Afterwards, he stated that this was a dream come true for him: he had visited the very first Sensation event in 2000 and promised himself that one day he would be standing behind the DJ table.

The song “I’m In Miami Trick” (or “I’m In Miami Bitch”) was originally by hip-hop group LMFAO, the remix Chuckie did was titled “Let The Bass Kick In Miami Girl” (or “Let The Bass Kick In Miami Bitch”/”Let The Bass Kick In Miami Bitch”). MYNC also did an edit of the Chuckie remix which was titled “I’m In Miami Bitch (MYNC I’m In Richmond Bitch Remix)”. In 2011 Chuckie was also featured on Hardwell’s song “Move It To The Dru”m, which also featured vocals by Ambush. In 2012 Chuckie released “Who Is Ready To Jump?” this was solo work and the song was featured on many Ministry of Sound compilation albums including Addicted To Bass and theMinistry of Sound Annual (2012). The song was also featured on Cream Club Anthems 2012.

– DJ Rowland Evans @djrowlandevans